Baldi Berg, Ltd.



Practice Areas

Baldi Berg, Ltd. in Chicago, IL is a debt relief agency and we help people file bankruptcy cases. We regularly represent individuals and small businesses to advise whether they can resolve their ffinancial difficulties through a bankruptcy proceeding or if other options would better suit their needs. Whether a client ffiles a chapter 7 or 13 or, in more complex matters, needs the more sophisticated options available in chapter 11, Baldi Berg, Ltd. has the expertise required to guide them through the bankruptcy process.

Our Experience and Expertise

  • Consumer Practice
    In our consumer practice, we work with our clients to develop a cohesive strategy to address their ffinancial problems and obtain a fresh start. We work together to prepare a complete and accurate bankruptcy filing and personally attend the ffirst meeting of creditors with our clients. We also represent our clients in post-petition automatic stay and dischargeability litigation. For individuals with more complex ffinancial issues, we have the knowledge and experience to represent those individuals in chapter 11 proceedings and have successfully confirmed chapter 11 plans in several cases.
  • Business Practice
    Baldi Berg, Ltd. works with business owners to counsel them regarding ffinancial difficulties for them and their companies. We have experience with chapter 11 business reorganizations as well as liquidations in both chapter 11 and chapter 7. We assist business owners to wind down or liquidate operations and then obtain a fresh start for the owners free from the liabilities of the former company. Whether our client needs the protection of a bankruptcy proceeding or can successfully wind down their business through an out of court solution such as a consensual workout or an assignment for the benefit of creditors, we have the experience and expertise to guide them through the process.